Windstorm Damage
Disease Makes Trees More Vulnerable to High Winds

Note: On the evening of May 20, 2001, a severe weather phenomenon known as a super cell passed through the Round Rock area, bringing with it high winds, hail, and heavy rain. Such phenomena are not unusual for this area, occurring as often as two or three times a year (a similar storm struck Round Rock last year in late April). Although little damage was done to homes, many trees were toppled. The photos provided with each of the examples below relate to specific victims of this storm. Images of additional trees will be posted here as they are processed, and include several Shumard Oaks, Arizona Ashes, Poplars, and others.

Example 1: Shumard Oak in Fern Bluff MUD Greenbelt

Example 2: Shumard Oak in Residential Back Yard

Example 3: Shumard Oak On Residential Street

Example 4: Live Oak in Residential Yard

Example 5: Redbud in Residential Yard

Example 6: Carolina Poplar in Residential Yard #1 

Example 7: Carolina Poplar in Residential Yard #2

Example 8: Arizona Ash in Residential Yard